Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Jasper in slow motion

I wanted to play with my little Canon S100's super slow motion mode.  It films small frame sizes, but at 240 frames per second.  Like always, Jasper is my crash test dummy and assistant. He's can crank for an eight year old dog.

My apologies for the long delay in the beginning.  I was too lazy to edit out the time before I pushed Start and the time I threw the snow ball, which is unfortunately filmed in slow motion.
Good air on this one, with a twist.
In this one I just let him run. He normally stretches it out even more, but he's in 6 inches of heavy snow.
Pretty cool, but it needs some work.  Beyond the obvious clipping at the beginning, the snow throws off the exposure, which the camera tries to use as Neutral Gray.  I haven't figured out how to adjust it in this mode. Also, I think I can get twice the frame size if I halve the frame rate.  Another experiment.
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