Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A legitimate snow day

It certainly wasn't a thigh deep powder day, but at this point in a dry year, we will take anything and everything. They reported 6" in the morning and we got a few more while we were there. 

I went over to PCMR this morning and met up with Doug Drexler.  He's a Mountain Host and I worked with him for three years.  He is one of those trouble making snow boarders. We mostly just lapped on the McConkey lift, where the snow seemed to be the deepest.
Doug ripping it up.  He was on a brand new snowboard and I had to keep pointing out that you really are allowed to turn on those things.  Tough when you are struggling to keep up with someone 10+ years older. Park City can suck that way.
Now we are just crossing our fingers for Wednesday night's storm.
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