Friday, February 03, 2012

Finally getting out and skiing

Bruce Kahn and his daughter Hannah came to town from Australia.  I got to ski with Bruce one day, which is something I really miss.  Unfortunately, Bruce went up to Wyoming, and right as he gets back to Park City, we take off for Sun Valley, Idaho.  Accidentally poor planning.

Today we went out with what became a ski herd of friends.
We started with these guys  (Jim Covaleski, Greg Glynis, Julie "the wife" Joyce, Kathy Covaleski, and Miriam Mason.  I still think Miriam dresses like a ski ninja.

Later we met up with Bill and Loris Benson, and Jim O'Neill and Don Miller from Friends of Animals Utah. It is quite the challenge to try and keep 10 people together on the hill.  With only a few minor failures, we succeeded.

The snow is pretty nice, but you definitely want to stay out of the woods.  There still isn't enough snow in there and the forecast doesn't predict anything soon.  Whine. Whine.
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