Sunday, February 12, 2012

A happy weather surprise

We get used to snow disappointment.  The forecast calls for 5" and we get 2 or 3.  Sometimes they miss it for everyone.  Other times the Cottonwood resorts, like Snowbird and Alta, get the good snow but we don't.

Last night they predicted we might get 5 inches.  Julie and I discussed whether we would go ski if we only got the normal two. This morning I checked the ski reports and sure enough, Alta got 2" and all the Park City resorts reported 1".  Then I went out with the dog.  We had 5" at the house and it was pounding snow.  Apparently it had let loose around breakfast time, after the resorts had all measured.

Heavy snow doesn't make for great viability or great pictures, but the skiing rocks!

Julie and I opted for Deer Valley.  I normally shy away from there on powder days because they have the audacity to groom all the fresh snow, but there's no way they can do that when the snow arrives just before they open.

These are the lunch tables at Silver Lake at around 11:00  It has been snowing on and off for the four hours since then.  Nice that when they rebuilt the decks, they put a snow melt system in.
A nice morning of skiing and a nice addition to our drought-based snow pack.
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