Sunday, February 26, 2012

Did you get your flu shot? Jasper did.

Julie and I have always been big fans of getting flu shots.  I know it isn't statistically useful, but we haven't had a flu in many, many years. It seems like such an easy (free) way to avoid a miserable, nasty week in bed.

About 6 years ago, a new disease started moving through the US.  The H3N8 virus is known as Canine Influenza.  If a dog gets this version of the flu, then they get to suffer just like humans.  Remember that there isn't anything to "kill" a virus, so you just let it run its course.  When Jasper got his annual shots at the vet, we decided to add the new "doggie flu shot". 

If you have a dog that is around lots of other dogs, then you should give this some serious consideration.  The primary ways to pass it are dog kennels, dog parks, or anywhere else that dogs gather in a confined space.  At least dogs don't spend much time on an airplane or in an elementary school.

If it's good enough for us, it's good for our pets.
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