Saturday, February 04, 2012

Ski Aerial Ping Pong?

We had a busy day yesterday.  We skied with friends, had a late lunch on the mountain, came home for some errands, visited another set of friends for drinks and then went out to dinner.  After dinner we were all heading over to Deer Valley to watch the aerial ski jumping.  The main thing you see in this picture is the mogul course.  The aerial jumping is the little bright hill at the bottom.

Unfortunately, we were running late, traffic was backed up trying to get to DV and park, it was very cold to be standing around, and we were generally lazy.  So, we headed over to the Covaleski's for some ping pong.  There are some that prefer the more serious name of "table tennis", but we were definitely more on the ping pong side.

Here, Kathy and Loris are quite serious.

Across the table, Greg and Miriam were equally focused.

When you do well, you celebrate your victories.

But when life doesn't go as planned....

You get taunted from the other side.

At the end of the night, Jim stepped up to play against Bill.

The fan base was a bit distracted.
Then Bill pulled a big upset, despite Jim's home table advantage. Bill was our champ with a 22-20 victory.
OK, not a big evening, but at least we stayed warm and didn't have to fight for a parking space.

Next year we have decided to pay the money to watch the event from the VIP tent.  You get dinner and drinks, a great spot to watch from, and a warm tent to duck into.
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