Monday, September 24, 2012

Better pictures with little effort

Yesterday I went to a fair amount of work and didn't get much in the way of good shots.  Today was much better.  We started with a 5 minute break in the heavy clouds to let some early morning sun hit the ski hills.
Then Julie looked out the kitchen window and saw these two moose in our driveway. It's mom and a fairly small calf.
Then I spent five minutes shooting the little Chickadees that come to my bird feeders.
And one more.  It probably gets lost when I shrink the picture for the blog, but if you double-click on the photo and then look at his eye, you can actually see a reflection of the sky and mountain behind me.
And not to be left out, one of the four million chipmunks that live around the house.
I like it when I can just stumble across some decent photos!
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