Friday, September 21, 2012

Jasper the Llama Whisperer

Some dogs are great sheep herders, and Jasper has a bit of Border Collie in him.  While we have seen him in the classic crouch, we have never seen him try to herd anything.  But herding is a lot of work and hard on the dog, its owner and the sheep.

My dog Jasper is a telepathic Llama herder.  He does it without chasing them or having to run at all. 

On today's Home Depot run, we stopped to visit with the llamas.  I figured Jasper was screwed because all the llamas were somewhere between a quarter and a half mile away.  If you double click on this picture and look at the tiny dots at the edge of the field, that's them.  They are closer to those hills than to me.
Jasper was not deterred. He started bouncing around and running back and forth along the fence line.  One by one they noticed him and sure enough, started walking over.
It took about five minutes.  They weren't in a big hurry and it was a very long way to walk.  As you can see in the picture, he has stopped bouncing and is now in pure telepathic mode.
Sure enough, they come straight to him.
And as best I can tell, now they are simply waiting for his instructions.
It is certainly one of the most bizarre things I have seen.  I have no idea what the atraction is and why the llamas would come from so far away. I pondered that they might think I was a farmer there to feed them so I wandered about 100 yards down the fence.  They ignored me and stayed at the fence with Jasper.


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