Sunday, September 30, 2012

Jasper Expands His Friendships

A few weeks ago, I blogged about how Jasper has a deep relationship with the local llamas. Today we went to the Home Depot using a different route, so we got to visit a different group of Park City's menagrie.

Jasper's best friend was the zebra.  He came running over to see Jasper and followed him along the fence line.
The donkey liked Jasper, but was a little more tentative.
And a sheep. So many animals in one place.
The only downers were the bison, who simply couldn't care less about us, and the two goats who thought Jasper was a bit too bouncy for them. They watched him for about 10 minutes but would never come near the fence.
Same zebra, just a more interesting photo.
Jasper just loves the other animals and they seem quite interested in him.  Not sure where we will go next.  I know they won't let him into the zoo in Salt Lake.
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