Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Responsive Local Government

We normally think of government, whether federal, state or local, as being glacially slow and unresponsive. I would like to offer one fine example to the contrary.

About two weeks ago, a couple of neighbors were chatting about the fire risk from cars parking at an informal trail head in our neighborhood. They pull out of the street onto a nice flat area.  That would be fine but the flat area has grown with foot high, bone dry grass.  The car's hot exhaust can light the grass on fire and something like this started a huge wild fire in Utah this year.

I sent a note to Park City's head of trails and open space, Heinrich Deters, voicing our concern.  Within a few days he came up to meet me on site and discuss possible solutions.  A week later we had this:
The tall grass is cut down.  Gravel is in place and big stones are there to prohibit driving any further.  Simple.  Fairly inexpensive. Effective. 
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