Monday, November 26, 2012

Football gone bad

I spent a lot of the weekend watching football, mostly college teams.  What a miserable weekend.  Almost everything I could hope for, failed.
  • Michigan lost to Ohio State
  • Florida State, the ACC's leader, lost
  • Clemson, the ACC's second team, lost
  • Notre Dame, who I hate, won and locked in a place for the national championship
  • UNC won (Teach your kids the ABC's:  Anybody But Carolina)
The only thing that went ok was NC State beating Boston College.  Of course, the Park City high school team might go toe-to-toe with Boston College.  This win gives us a better bowl bid, perhaps.  Should we celebrate?  Nope.  The next day our Athletic Director fired our coach.

Tom O'Brien spent 6 years coaching NC State's football team. He came in to take over Chuck Amato's little disaster.  He rebuilt the program and created some real discipline. Unfortunately, he just didn't create enough wins or enough excitement.  Some people look at the fact that the team has gone to bowls the last three seasons and wondered "how can you fire that guy?"
  • We have a losing ACC record
  • We having a losing record against Boston College, Wake Forest and Maryland, the worst three team in the ACC
  • We barely beat Maryland this year, making us 1-14 on the road against  teams in our division
  • We finish in the bottom half of the conference in recruiting every year.  Last year we were dead last.
  • Season ticket sales are down 1,000 since Tom took over
He's a great guy.  He cleaned up the program, but it just doesn't look like he was ever going to be the guy to take us to the next level. Now we just have to wait and see who we can talk into coming.

What a nasty football weekend.
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