Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving weekend

We just finished up a very nice Thanksgiving weekend, except for the total lack of snow.  PCMR and Canyons are both open now, but with only a few runs and no fresh snow in sight.

The pets are loving the change to the winter holidays.  Jasper gets cold weather to go out and play in and Cosette gets a fairly frequent box update from Amazon.
Thankfully, she doesn't actually play with any of the low-hanging Christmas ornaments, but she does like napping under the tree.
For Thanksgiving, Julie cooked up a wonderful meal of turkey, potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and green beans.  Then Bill, Loris and Seth Benson came over to join us, bringing some appetizers, a wonderful mushroom soup and a salad.  Tons and tons of glorious food topped off with Julie's pumpkin pie and some Deer Valley carrot cake. Needless to say, I have gained several pounds over the last few days.

While my photographic skills are improving, I have one fatal flaw as an event photographer.  Once the event starts, I get distracted and forget to take pictures. I walked around before dinner taking pictures of the Christmas decorations, the table setting, the pets, ...  The beautiful turkey was done, but wrapped up tightly.  Once everyone arrived and we started eating, I forgot to take pictures of the people, the turkey, or anything for that matter. Maybe next holiday I will just walk around with a Gopro camera strapped to my head.
Julie's mom sent us a pretty floral arrangement. I think was part Thanksgiving and part Happy Birthday.  Today's is Julie's birthday! No huge plans but we are doing dinner and a movie (Lincoln).
On Saturday we journeyed up to the Montage Hotel for their tree lighting.  In the lobby, they have a huge Gingerbread House.  They also have two Gingerbread Dog Houses for Monty and Jonas, the hotel's pets.
What does it take to build such a large creation, besides many, many hours?  480 pounds of flour, 165 pounds of sugar, 135 pounds of butter, ...  Now I understand why they charge over $800 per night for a hotel room.  Someone has to pay for this place!
Julie, in her younger days (two days before today's birthday).  You have to get up around 9,000 feet to have all that snow in the background.
The Montage was also serving Smores, with about 10 different flavors of marshmallows.  Hannah seemed to be loving hers, although her marshmallow never got toasted, or even very warm. Although this misses the true pleasure of a Smore, apparently a graham cracker, chocolate, and marshmallow sandwich was just fine.
It got surprisingly cold as the sun set, so everyone was getting quite impatient for the tree lighting.  They had some fires out for warmth, but I think they could better be described as smoke pots.  When the trees finally did light up, they were very pretty.
Other than our fabulous Thursday dinner and the follow-up leftover meals, it was a fairly mellow weekend.  We watched a lot of football, because that's what you're supposed to do. We avoided Black Friday, Grey Thursday, and every other form of panicked shopping.

Next we are off to Florida for Seth Benson's wedding.  Hoping for warm sunny weather!
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