Monday, November 05, 2012

Why FedEx sucks

NC State sent my basketball tickets by FedEx.  I want to make sure I get them before we leave on our trip, so I have been watching the tracking info.  The predicted delivery date was Nov 6th, tomorrow.

On Nov 3rd, at 5:24 in the morning, my tickets land in Salt Lake.  By 7:18 they are at the sorting facility in West Valley.  On the 3rd, which is a Saturday, they simply flag the package as "Package not due for delivery".  OK, I get it.  You pay extra for Saturday delivery. They could have thrown it on a truck, but they chose not to.

Two days later, on Monday the 5th, they once again tag the package as "not due for delivery" and leave it sitting over at the sorting facility.  Apparently with FedEx, they refuse to perform any better than their estimated delivery, even if the package has been sitting around for  a few days, 40 miles from being delivered.

I have had a number of UPS packages arrive early.  Seems they like exceeding expectations or at least getting the packages out from under foot. I won't be using FedEx any time soon.

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