Friday, November 16, 2012

Julie's Play Date with Hannah

Sally, our next door neighbor, is out of town and Monty has to work so Julie volunteered for a play date with Hannah.  She picked her up at school and in addition to the normal "play with Jasper" entertainment, Hannah got a cooking lesson: homemade pizza.

The first lesson is working the dough.  After making sure the yeast was still good, they worked up a big ball of dough.  I was busy watching NCSU basketball, so I had the traditional male dinner role of making sure no one stole the couch.
 Half the fun of making dough is making a mess. Sally, you might want to give this dress an extra pass through the washer.
The results were excellent.  Julie made one for the two of us and Hannah made her own.  Her flavor choice was light cheese and turkey peperoni.
The after dinner event was some Jenga. Hannah was pretty proficient but clearly felt the stress of the game.
Deep in thought, planning her next move.
You may already know that I went to an Engineering school, so naturally I was the Jenga champ.  Any other 7 year olds should take heed!

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