Friday, November 16, 2012

Need a new printer?

I frequently write my opinions about good products and bad ones.  This is some happy news.  We have found a printer that we really like and I can easily recommend to others.

First, we have been heavy computer users for decades and we are pretty demanding.  We buy all-in-one's so that we get a printer, copier, fax and scanner.  Some history:
  • We owned a couple of HP's.  The hardware is decent but the software is huge, nasty, poorly written bloatware.  I vowed never to buy another. It caused problems on every computer we installed it on.
  • We switched to Canon.  Much cleaner software, but we had some problems with the print heads getting gummed up and having to go through way too much expensive ink to clean them.
A few months ago, we bought an Epson WorkForce 645.  It runs about $120 and was highly rated.  Having used it for a while, I have nothing but praise.  It is blindingly fast with good print quality.  The scanning, copying and faxing all work fine with easy setup.  The print cartridges seem to last a lot longer than Canon's and the software is small and reliable.

Just passing this along for anyone who is shopping.

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