Monday, September 21, 2009

Beating on a high school team

One thing I miss about being in Utah is getting to go to NC State football games. Back in NC, I got to catch the Wolfpack playing the mighty Running Bulldogs of Gardner Webb. It was supposed to be an easy win, but you never know with State.

From left to right are Darrell Baber (my college roommate and best man), Jay Shive, and Jason Shive. Jason lived on my hall in the college dorms and has been an original member of our 20+ years of golfing trips.

I like the fact that they can do fireworks in the stadium when the team runs out. At some point, someone somewhere will get hurt with a stray spark and everyone everywhere will have to call it quits.

NCSU killed the bulldogs, 45-14 and it wasn't really that close. The highlight was State's quarterback, Russell Wilson, setting the NCAA record for most passes without an interception. He's at something like 330 and still going. What makes this more special is that the quarterbacks we've had for the past few years threw an interception about every third snap.

This Saturday will be a much bigger test. We play Pitt, which is picked to win the Big East and is currently ranked somewhere in the top 25.
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