Saturday, September 05, 2009

Many hours of slave labor

I have decided to clean up the landscaping on the hill in front of our house. The wildflowers were pretty cool, but just a little too junky. Now I will go for a bit of formal with a bit of wild.

Most of these will be fairly easy to get in the ground. The killers will be the purple bushes (Diablo Ninebarks). They are in 10 gallon buckets, which require pretty big holes. Here in the mountains, you dig holes with a pick axe, not a shovel. 10 gallon holes with a pick axe can hurt.

This morning I got a 10 cubic yard truck load of mulch. I think I got 9 of them moved around and spread out. Its a lot of lifting, but not heavy lifting. That comes this week.

I am having 12,000 pounds of rock delivered. Each rock with be about one foot cubed and weigh 50-60 pounds. The pisser is that there is no way to deliver them anywhere close to where they have to go. I get to haul them one by one up the hill to their resting place.

Why go to the gym when you can bring the gym to your yard?
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