Thursday, September 17, 2009

Boating on the Jordanelle

After years of thinking that it would be a good idea, we finally went boating out on the local Jordanelle Reservoir. Thanks to Loris Benson for setting this up!

We rented a pontoon boat and headed out with Bill, Loris, and Hollie Benson. Here's captain Bill with Julie.

The leaves are starting to change and there was some nice color up on the mountainsides. It still has a long way to go.

As we headed to the end where the Provo River dumps in, you could look back and see the ski runs at Deer Valley.

Julie is hanging out on the boat while Loris (the human) and Hollie (the dog) are on shore.

Hollie and Jasper spent a good two hours romping around in the water and along the shoreline. They came home as two tired dogs. Here we have coordinated stick fetching.

Jasper, waiting for the next throw.

The trick was to avoid being next to this. Easy with one dog. Much harder with two.

This turned out to be the apparent stick of choice. They both seemed to enjoy fetching it and Hollie eventually trimmed off all the extra branches (with her teeth).

Timing turned out to be perfect. Today was the last boat rental day of the year. The reservoir was almost empty of other boats. The weather was gorgeous. On our drive home, the storm clouds started moving in and we had thunder and lightning. But we were home, warm and dry by then.
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