Thursday, September 10, 2009

The ugliest, most majestic bird

Rob Schumacher (our builder) called this morning. We both enjoy watching the large flock of vultures that float around on the late afternoon thermals. He had been driving up to Silverlake and ran across their roost. They apparently bed down in a grove of dead aspen trees right off Royal St. I went up to take some shots.

By the time I got there, only about 20 were still there.

They are big birds, comparable to an eagle. But with that wrinkly head, they tend to be ugly and scary.

It probably doesn't help their image that we normally see them scarfing some roadkill.

In fairness, they can also be amazing to watch. Every once in a while, one would open his wings to the sun for warmth. What a huge spread.

Then they would take off and start soaring around the valley like most of us wish we could.

Technically, I don't think it supposed to be a "flock of vultures". I think it is a "colony of vultures". English can be a demanding language.
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