Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Michelle and Zack visit

A few years ago we met a very nice couple, Michelle Enus and Zack Murphy. No sooner than we became good friends, they moved to Los Angeles. This weekend they came back to Park City and spent a few nights with us.

Saw a movie. Did some dinners out. But one of our bigger adventures was a hike up Iron Canyon. This was a new hike for Julie and me. It's nice because it is dog friendly and it is too rough and steep for mountian bikers. I don't have anything against mountian biking, but sharing a trail with them can sometimes be a challenge.

After gaining about 1000 feet of vertical, there is a really nice place to stop and look over Park City.

This is what you see. It's a nice view of Park City's two golf courses, the Park Meadows subdivision, and the Uintah mountians off in the distance. I think this may be a gorgeous picture when the leaves are at peak color.

As always, we had a great time with them. Hope we see them several times this winter for skiing!
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