Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Playing a real team

Julie and I went to the NCSU-Pitt football game this weekend. We brought our friends Jim and Carmella Saunders. After two weeks in a row of beating up on small teams, this was billed as a decent test.

State came out playing terribly. Offside penalties seemed non-stop. Two missed field goals. Dozens of missed tackles. The good news is that they never got more than 14 points behind.

NCSU managed to score the last 21 points of the game and hold on (barely) to win. It was a win, but a sad ugly win. I hope next week is better.

This out neighborhood gang: Tom, Carm, El, Barbie, Julie, and Jim.

The entire game seemed to be waves of cloudy, light drizzle, heavy drizzle, repeat. It never poured on us, but you needed something to stay dry. Carm's little poncho seemed to put up an excellent fight.

Julie and Carm at the seats.

Nice to see a win. Not sure if I will be back for any more games this season. We shall see.
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