Friday, September 18, 2009

More odds and ends

For those familiar with Park City, we just lost another restaurant that had been around for decades. The Stew Pot is closing up this week due to slow business. Not our favorite place to eat, but unfortunate to see the long-running businesses go under.

Get your flu shot soon. We heard there is likely to be a shortage of the normal seasonal flu shots because companies switched to making swine flu vaccine. Think the whole swine flu thing was blown out of proportion? Here is something from the Raleigh newspaper:

For the first week of September, the state reported 1,125 cases of flu-like illness through its network of doctors' offices, clinics and hospitals that participate in a surveillance system. Most of those illnesses are attributed to the H1N1 virus. At its worst last winter, seasonal flu hit 719 people in North Carolina during one week in February.

I'm heading back to Raleigh today. I'm hoping to catch up with lots of friends and catch two NCSU football games.
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