Thursday, September 24, 2009

Life in Raleigh

We seem to have gotten about 4 or 5 inches of rain in the past two days. That guarantees that the humidity never drops below 110%. My 8 mile run yesterday was disgusting.

A few days ago, before the rains started, I noticed a little wren trying to get a drink out of our empty fountain. I felt sorry for him, so I rinsed it out and filled it up. Figured it would make a nice little bird bath.

The next morning I walk out and find some lovely little birds using the fountain.

Three big Black Vultures.

Once I scared them off, they went to hang out on the roof.

I'm pretty certain that this won't help sell the house!

Last night we had a visit from Jim Covaleski. He was on his way from DC to Charlotte, so we grabbed dinner and then spent the night with us. It was nice to see him again, even if so briefly.

Off to have lunch with my neighbor and IBm co-worker form days gone by, Chuck Terrien.
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