Sunday, December 06, 2009

Bobsledding gone bad

Yesterday's blog entry included some successful runs. This is the worst of what I saw.

A nice start. Looks good and the Canadians are fast.

The driver hops in successfully.

Everyone else starts to pile in.

Three out of four seems ok.

The challenge is how you ctach up with a sled that is accelerating down the ice in a hurry.

On, but not in.

Instead of his normal view of the driver's back, this looks like a much better angle. Unfortunately, the 80+ mph travel though highly banked turns might make this ride a bit rough.

He got in just before the first turn, but they had a terrible time for the run.

Everyone was laughing. Photographers, officials, athletes, .... The flailing made it look terribly awkward and wonderfully entertaining.
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