Tuesday, December 01, 2009

My first ski day of the winter

I am a volunteer mountain host again this year over at Park City. My first day of work is tomorrow, so I figured I should make a visit to the resort and see if I can still ski. Even before that, can I find my boots? My skis? Even the poles?

The snow has been sad here. We some some storms back in October, but then had a very dry November. Fortunately, the Utah resorts are pretty good at making snow and it has been cold enough lately to crank some out.

Although there aren't many runs open, the snow was pretty good. Not icy at all and decent for practicing all that lost form.

At PCMR, there seems to be as many boarders as skiers. Deer Valley and Alta are still two of the only three resorts in the country that don't allow boarders.

There weren't nearly as many moose as skiers. I only saw this one and decided not to hike up the hill in ski boots to get a better picture. I always have this vague (incorrect) idea that I can run from them, but down a steep hill in ski boots? Nope.

I also saw an ermine, but he was much too fast for me to dig the camera out of my pocket. I included a picture so those who have never seen an ermine can get a peek. I know they can be nasty little buggers, but they sure seem too cute to make a coat out of.

I am always amazed at how quickly the snow makers can get terrain parks up and running. The boarders and a few brave skiers were hitting the jumps.

Nothing huge, but fun for us gravity-prone people to watch.

A nice day of warm-up. I host all day tomorrow. Should be good but everyone think snow!!
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