Monday, December 14, 2009

Yeah snow!

Since early November, we only had 8 inches of snow, and that was measured over at the resort. Dry, brown and sad.

Over the past two days, we had 28 inches of snow. It makes all the difference in the world. The ski resorts are happy. I'm happy. Jasper is way beyond happy.

Julie and I went snow shoeing yesterday because it was still snowing hard and we figured the skiing wouldn't be all that good. We talked to Bill Benson, who spent the better part of the day on the mountain and he described it as a skiing disaster. Skiing in deep snow in low visibility on a shallow base can test even the best of skiers. Lots of people out there weren't the best.

A lesson: don't let the camera flash when it is snowing. The flakes light up much brighter than anything else.

The snow comes up to Jasper's chin. The only way he gets around is to hop like a bunny.

Today the snow was much better for skiing. It had settled a bit and you could see. We got some great powder runs in as they opened new parts of the mountain. That's Julie and Loris Benson.

And to end, a very easy Where's Waldog?

He's the black lump cruising through the snow that drifted to head height. He would leap up for air every once in a while. Does anyone know of a doggie snorkel?
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