Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Deer Hunter

We have had this lovely truck hanging around the house several times in the past few days. We weren't sure what the person was up to, and thought he might be a worker on the new water metering tower going up.

This morning I found the truck parked up on the hill where no one other than Park City Municipal employees should be. Turns out to be a hunter with his son. He was bow hunting up on the mountain! There are houses everywhere. Trails everywhere. People walking and running. Dogs playing.

And this idiot hunting. I ran him off and then called the Park City Parks department. If our hunter shows up again, we get to call the police. This was a case when having a camera everywhere I go is nice. I got a close-up of his license plate in case there is future trouble.

Do you think this guy read my blog and realized how many deer and moose are up on the hill?
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