Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Merry Christmas

We had a pretty low-key Christmas this year. No traveling at the holidays. No house guests.

Lots of the locals make a habit out of skiing on Christmas morning, but with all the people in town this week, we figured it would be pretty crowded. We headed to Park City with our friends Miriam and Greg, getting there at 9:00 to beat the rush.

Rush? What rush? We had the ski hills to ourselves. It was cold, but the skiing was nice and the lift lines were non existent. What was supposed to be 2 hours became 4, followed by lunch.

The resorts are still struggling with how to make the best skiing experience without our usual amount of snow. It was really odd to see the groomers out moving snow when the resort is open to skiers. Notice the line off the back of the machine. This keeps it from rolling down the steeper slopes.

The pets were a bit bummed about us leaving them at home for Christmas. The cat recovered when we opened our presents and let her play in the boxes and wrapping paper.

Miriam and Greg came over in the evening and we cooked our Christmas meal together. It was wonderful and a nice end to a nearly perfect day. The nearly part comes from me whacking my knee on a mogul run. It's tender today, but nothing serious.
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