Sunday, December 20, 2009

Glad to have missed it

When you are a Mountain Host at Park City, you have some good days and some bad. Most of the bad ones come from cold, windy weather, but they can also be driven by external events. For instance, what if a half dozen bus loads of inexperienced teenage snowboarders show up? Or what if one of the lifts stops working?

Hmmm, let's take that last one and run with it a bit....
  • Instead of a small lift, let's make it a high-speed quad.
  • And let's have it be the first day that lift and terrain are open, so lots of people want to come ski there.
  • And we'll pick one of the very few lifts at the resort where the bottom of the lift is down low in a valley, over the ridge from the resort base.
  • And let's make sure the lift is really dead, so that instead of running it slowly to get everyone off, you have to rope each and every person off every chair.
  • Oh, and because it is in the valley, you have to get people down an access road that isn't for skiers. The access road leads to a real road where you have to bus everyone back to the base.
Can this get worse?
  • We can add the GM of Killington, a sister resort as a passenger on the lift.
  • Oh hell, let's make sure the head/owner of POWDR Corp, which owns Park City and six or seven other resorts, is also on the lift.
It was nice skiing with some friends over at Deer Valley yesterday and missing the whole event!
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