Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Jasper found some moose

While we were out for our morning exercise, Jasper ran across two moose. The good news is that he was so focused on the ball we were playing with, he didn't even see them. I got him turned around chasing the ball the other direction before they got upset. After taking him back to the house, I grabbed my camera and headed back up the hill.

There were two, although it is hard to tell them apart in these pictures. My best guess is a mom and a one-year old.

They have to work hard for any food they find. It has to be so difficult to gather enough food to keep such a large animal alive in such cold weather.

They are pretty in an odd sort of way.

And how do you know when you are probably too close? Even with a long lens, this probably fits. This shot isn't cropped at all.

They were very patient with me, and I with them. It took about an hour of quiet stalking to get my shots. Even then, it is incredibly hard to get clear shots in these Gambel Oak thickets. They are almost always behind something and it is tough to maneuver through all the snow without upsetting them.
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