Friday, May 27, 2011

Little plugs

I knew I needed to aerate our lawn. It was compacted and I didn't want water running off. However, when you have such a small lawn, it is tough to justify renting a machine or hiring someone to come out. I got lucky this week. They were aerating the lawns around the condos and I offered a guy $20 to come do my yard. He was happy with $20 for 10 minutes work. I was happy having saved all the time and money.

Now I am left with all these little plugs. At first, I thought they were pretty interesting. You can see and feel how deep the grass roots went.

Then I realized the problem. There aren't hundreds of these, there are many thousands, even in a small yard. So what?

It turns out that Jasper goes to the bathroom in this very same back yard. Suddenly the challenge of picking up or just avoiding his dog poop grew ten-fold. In the picture above, can you tell which ones are grass plugs? Are you sure?
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