Thursday, May 19, 2011

What would you expect for May 19th?

The past three mornings, we have woken up, glanced out the windows and groaned. It is just hard to imagine it keeps snowing. This morning was the worst. The roads and driveways have spent all their stored up sunshine and now a lot of the snow is hanging around. I decided it was time to stop fighting it.

Somewhere up in that snowy cloud is Deer Valley, and it was time to break out the winter gear and go snowshoeing with my sidekick Jasper.

While the snow at our house was constantly in an epic battle between melting and piling on more, higher elevations had no such fight. The snow had already won.

Snowbird is the only Utah resort still open for skiing, and only on weekends. They have gotten over 30" this week and it is still snowing. They may not open tomorrow as planned because of too much snow. Their mid-mountain base is 182".

And no one on the planet was happier about that than Jasper. After watching him for about 30 seconds, one of the Deer Valley employees said "Man, he really loves the snow, doesn't he." Pretty damn obvious.

We hiked from Silver Lake up to Cushing's Cabin. I was very disappointed to find it closed. A cup of hot chocolate would have been really good with the blowing snow.

A lot of the people who ski DV lust after the big houses up in the Red Cloud subdivision, right on the slopes. Perhaps it is nice for ski-in, ski-out in winter, but how will spring and summer fair, driving 15 minutes up the hill to find this? Don't think they will be planting their tomatoes anytime soon.

Jasper took the lead most of the time, getting first tracks all the way. If you double-click on the picture, you can see from his tracks that he is getting some nice turns. I'm a proud ski father.

I was going to hand the camera to someone else and ask them to take a shot. Then I remembered that there wasn't anyone for miles around. Self portrait.

And we end with some humor. This is the sign where we parked. The only reason it wasn't piled in snow is that it was under a roof.

On the way over to DV, I heard a radio ad for golf lessons. On the way back, I heard a reminder that PCMR starts it summer rides (including mountain biking) in about a week.

The good news is that the chance of snow drops to 90% tomorrow. Yeah!
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