Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Sandhill Crane story continues and ends?

The Sandhill Crane family I have been photographing took an interesting twist this past weekend. A young boy in Park City came walking home with his newly found pet, a baby duck. The baby duck was actually a young crane. The neighbors called the police, who called the Division of Wildlife. They came and got the baby crane from the boy.

Do you try raising the crane? Nope. Simply take it to my crane family and see if they will adopt it. If you remember, a crane family normally has two babies but this family only had one. Apparently the adoption took and the parents were caring for both of young ones.

On Monday I went to take pictures of Junior and his new adopted sibling. No such luck. Everyone was gone. Mom, dad and both colts. I checked again on Tuesday and Wednesday and they seem to have packed up and headed for a better home.

A big thanks to the family for being so cooperative photographically. I wish I could watch the little ones grow up, at least a few more weeks.
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