Saturday, May 21, 2011

A wonderful day in the neighborhood!

First, it was sunny and 60 today! No snow! No rain! It was almost like spring!

Then I went down to check on my crane family. Sometime this morning, a little chick hatched. It turns out there was only one egg in the nest instead of the normal pair. I spent way too much time shooting photos, and it will take me forever to sort through them all, so I just put up a quick one. This is Junior with Dad.

Not only did I get to meet little Junior, I got to meet Bill and Loris Benson's newest resident: a Yellow Bellied Marmot. I haven't met a lot of marmots in my time, but this one has to be right up there for the laziest. He just hangs out on their retaining wall, soaking up the sunshine. I guess after four days of snow in May, I can't blame him. If you haven't seen a marmot before, imagine the offspring of a squirrel with a woodchuck or a beaver.

More pictures as I sort through them.
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