Monday, May 30, 2011

A new Google Search feature

Nothing earth shattering, but convenient if you are traveling. Want to find out what the direct flights are between two cities? In Google Search, type "flights from xxx to yyy". The top entry will look something like this:

Flights from Salt Lake City, UT (SLC) to Baltimore, MD (BWI)

Non-stop flights:2–3 per day, 4h 16m duration
Airlines:Delta, Southwest
Valid through Jun 4
9:55 am4:04 pmSLC-BWI-M-WTFSDelta 1106
10:35 am4:42 pmSLC-BWIS------Delta 1106
11:10 am5:25 pmSLC-BWI------SSouthwest 546
2:05 pm8:20 pmSLC-BWIS------Southwest 2471
4:25 pm10:40 pmSLC-BWI-MTWTF-Southwest 820
4:55 pm11:08 pmSLC-BWI-MTWTF-Delta 1114
All flights from Salt Lake City - All flights to Baltimore

I think the most valuable feature is to instantly let you know which carriers have direct flights.

In playing around with clicking "All flights from Salt Lake City", it was great to see that Delta has a direct flight to Rapid City, SD but hasn't restarted the direct flights to Raleigh.
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