Monday, October 11, 2010

5-1 with 6 games to go

Our trip to Raleigh allowed us to see two football games. The second had a much happier ending than the first. It was a cloudless day and unusually toasty for an October afternoon.

I still think it is great that they actually shoot off fireworks in the stadium as the Wolfpack takes the field. Seems like our paranoid rules and regulations would prevent that.

We have our new live mascot, a Tamaskan Wolfdog. He looks almost exactly like a wolf, but has a disposition that is better suited to posing with children instead of gnawing on them.

This is what happened to Boston College over and over. State blitzed. The quarterback threw in a hurry. The ball went somewhere unpredictable, sometimes to the NCSU defense.

Our group for the day: Julie, Barbie, and her fiancee Vern. Barbie is healing nicely from her skiing accident out here in January 2009.

This is what I like to see in a football game: no time left on the clock and a 27 point NCSU lead.

A side sport tied loosely to football is cup collecting. People like bringing home the cups you get at the stadium when you buy a soft drink. Vern was quite happy bringing home a dozen cups, until he saw what these young ladies had collected. Now that's a stack of cups! I can't imagine how many dishwasher loads it takes to get through that pile.

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