Friday, October 22, 2010

Golf tournament

We entered an elite group of golf hackers in a tournament today. We got spanked. We didn't finish last, or even next to last, but we did manage to finish 11 strokes behind the winners. We probably had more fun though.

Our team, from left to right, included Doug Drexler, Bill Benson, Derick Loyola, and me, behind the camera.

Notice the long pants and sweatshirts. This was the first chilly day in quite a while. Damp. Cloudy. Getting ready for Monday's snow.

The good news is that all my CrossFit workouts are paying off. I won the longest drive contest by 20-30 yards. It was about a mile short of what the pros hit, but it was a legitimate 300 yards on a flat hole. Definitely one of my longest ever. My prize? A golf bag. I have only won two golf prizes in my life, one for longest drive and one for closet to the hole. Both prizes were golf bags. Too weird.
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