Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Using the football tickets

I have lifetime rights to 4 NCSU football tickets, about 10 rows back on the 40. As long as I buy them every year, I keep the rights. I was worried about this when we moved to Utah. Works great though. This year we only had 6 home games instead of the normal 7.
  • Western Carolina - gave the tickets to family
  • Cincinnati - sold the tickets for $400
  • Virginia Tech - in Raleigh, saw the game
  • Boston College - in Raleigh, saw the game
  • Florida State - sold the tickets for $600
  • Wake Forest - gave the tickets to family
The two sales didn't quite pay for the entire season, but they sure did a nice job of cutting the costs. If NCSU could ever crank out a great football team, I could come out way ahead. Go State!
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