Monday, October 04, 2010

Down to 4-1

We are back in NC for about a week and it looks like we will be blessed with gorgeous weather for the entire trip. We started by joining Ken and Catherine Miller for an outing to see the 4-0 NCSU Wolfpack take on Va Tech.

Tailgating just isn't quite the same when you are doing it from the back of you rented Kia instead of an SUV full of stuff.

The game started great, with NC State pulling ahead 17-0. Then the wheels cam off and they ended up losing in the last few minutes. An unfortunate loss, but we are still 4-1, which is a lot better than anyone expected. Our next two games are Boston College and ECU, both of which should be wins.

Of course, even with a loss, I couldn't help but smile at the nice sign someone had hanging in the trees. Some things never change.

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