Friday, October 15, 2010

Tear it down, but build it back?

Over three years ago, I posted about a sad little lot someone was selling in Park City, right at the bottom of our hill. It had a "historic cabin" on the lot, which apparently had to be incorporated into any house that was built. I kept wondering why the shack didn't accidentally burn to the ground one day.

We came back from our trip to NC and found that the shack had been torn down and tossed in a dumpster, except for the facade. I figured someone was finally going to build a house and may they would include the facade in the design somehow.

Nope. Wrong again. I stopped to ask some workers what they were going to build. They are replacing the shack with a new, more modern, less rotten shack. I can't even imagine what they are thinking. Too bizarre.

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