Tuesday, October 26, 2010

First snow of the year

After quite a few weeks of sunny, warm weather, we are finally turning the corner for winter. The world is white and at 9:00, it has surged to 24 degrees. I was surprised to hear the snow guns working over at Park City, but I guess it makes sense. They are scheduled to open on November 20th and they need to start building a base.

There is still just a bit of color left on the trees, but not enough to grab shots like we had last year. It all comes down to timing.

While the ski resorts are probably celebrating the snow and colder weather, no one is as happy as Jasper. He has been running everywhere, chasing snowballs and just enjoying the white powder. It is amazing how his energy level and excitement go up with even just a few inches of the magic powder. He's definitely a Park City dog.

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