Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pictures from my iPhone

You may have seen the video of Jasper with his friendly llama buddies from a few days ago. Two days later, we stopped near the FOAU Recue Ranch to visit with a few mules and horses. Quite a different story from the llamas. Notice that Jasper is not in the picture. He wouldn't come closer than 5 feet from the fence, and only then if he could be stuck to my leg. Mules: 1 Jasper: 0

I have read a ton about the star of the electric car market, the $100,000+ Tesla Roadster. I finally got to see one the other day at the Hotel Park City. Things to notice:
  • The huge 220V power cable that runs out from the hotel to charge the car. You must be someone important (owner? big customer?) to get that kind of service. The Tesla is a pure electric car (versus a hybrid). No electricity, no driving.
  • The fact that this car is in a handicap spot without a handicap placard
  • The sign that says you can also park in that spot if you are 65 or over
I wish I had someone standing next to the car. I swear it barely comes up past my knees. I simply can't imagine anyone other than a professional contortionist being able to get in and out of this car after year 65 or with any kind of handicap. It has to feel like you are driving a go cart, albeit a very expensive one.

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