Thursday, October 07, 2010

IBM Ultimate

I used to play a lot of Ultimate Frisbee. It started with the NCSU club team. Back around 1987, one of the NC State players, Todd Groshung, started working with the IBM Rec Center to create an Ultimate league. I jumped in to help and recruited a lot of people, many of whom had never played. Todd got everything in motion, but oddly enough, never played in the league. The league is still going, with 23 years in a row of Ultimate.

I stopped in yesterday to watch them play. They only have four teams this year. It's hard to recruit new players because IBM is hiring lots of new young talent, as long as you live in China or India.

The guy with the disc in the photo below is John Holtman. He is one of the last three people playing in the IBM league, that played back when I was there. Perhaps to prove a point about why some people have stopped playing, John rolled his ankle while I was there. Ouch!

The other two that are still playing are Missy Summerville and Julie Holloway (left two). Nice to see a few people still hustling up and down the field.

I definitely miss playing Ultimate. It amazes me that Park City doesn't have a lot of it going on. It's such good exercise, very social and easy to learn. Perhaps now that we are full time out in Utah, I can get something going.
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