Monday, January 24, 2011

Another excellent Sundance winner

On Sunday, we took advantage of the gorgeous weather to do some snowshoeing. Even thought the temperatures had just cracked 15, the exercise and brilliant sunshine made it quite comfortable.

From left to right, Patti and John Steigerwald, Julie, and of course, Jasper.

Between snowshoeing and the football play-offs, we managed to get up to Stein Eriksen's for their incredible Sunday Brunch. I am fairly certain I consumed 30,000 calories. Yummmm!

This morning we got up and went to see Cedar Rapids. It was a wonderful comedy that also highlighted how you can make friends in the oddest of ways. It is already being distributed through Fox SearchLight, so you will get a chance to catch it in theaters. Another 4 of 4 stars movie.
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