Sunday, January 23, 2011

My worst Sundance movie ever

Julie and I have been doing the Sundance Film Festival every winter for seven years. We have seen movies that ranged from mediocre to awesome. Last night we went to see the movie Meek's Cutoff. Quite simply the worst Sundance movie I have ever seen. It was about a handful of people trying to take their wagons out west during the 1840's.

It was painfully slow and boring. Julie kept leaning over to me and saying "make this end". When the movie finally ended, it was abrupt and left most everything unresolved. I'm not sure anyone cared. In a movie, leaving out the wrapped up ending can be an interesting style, unless the movie also lacked a beginning and a middle.

One hour and 45 minutes of my life wasted. At least we got to see Win-Win in the morning.
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