Saturday, January 15, 2011

Surgical healing

So far I am doing better than I expected. I have a big purple area, about 4" round, under the laparoscopic hole in my belly button. Other than that, the only visual clues are the swelling. I've never had six-pack abs, but right now I have a puff belly. I gave a moments thought to posting a picture, but I figured hernia surgery porn might be too much.

I am trying to let myself heal without going stir crazy. I finally went for a drive today to pick up some Local's tickets for the Sundance Film Festival. I was nice to get out of the house. I have been very good about not lifting anything heavy (or actually much of anything at all). The odd little pain is that it takes too much core strength to bend over and touch my toes. To pick something up off the ground, I have to kneel. I guess this is what life is like if you wear a short skirt.

The big pain is when you cough or sneeze. Ever notice how a good sneeze can project a spray of yuck for yards? Now I know the physics behind that. Apparently every single muscle in your abdomen suddenly contracts in the blink of an eye. Not terrible for a sneeze, but when someone has been surgically wandering through your abdominal wall, it really stings. No more coughing!!

My doctor's appointment on Tuesday should give me a better feel for important things like rehab exercises, hot tubbing, green slope (beginner) skiing, ....
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