Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hernia be gone!

Yesterday morning we got up at before the crack of dawn and headed over to the Poshpital. This is the nickname for Park City's very nice new hospital. I was happy to be the first surgery of the morning because it means less chance of delays. Notice I said "less" and not "none". Sure enough, my surgeon had an emergency appendectomy, but the delay wasn't bad and most important, it wasn't me getting the appendectomy.

My surgery was laproscopic, so I have several little holes that have to heal. In general, everything seems to be going well. No nausea from the anesthesia. No known uh-oh's from the surgery. Now I just have to cope with the recovery, which I am sure will take longer than I want it to. Right now I feel like I did a few hundred sit-ups and then someone gave me a swift kick in the stomach. Muscular soreness, but limited to the abdomen and pelvic areas. I'm wandering around the house, eating and sleeping without any problems.

I guess this will give me a chance (force me) to stay home and catch up on some house things I normally put off. At least I can't push the monster snow blower for a few weeks.
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