Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Elk in Park City

I like to think I have become at least a fair photographer. Thinks picture stinks, but it is actually very significant. Bad light. About to snow. Very long distance, zoomed in, but hand held. A power line running right through the shot. So why share it?

In six years in Park City, I have seen hundreds or even thousands of deer and many dozens of moose. Elk? Not a one. I heard over and over again that there is a herd that winters in town. I was losing faith in the stories. Back in September, I went on a surefire trip to find some elk. Six moose, but no elk.

Out of frustration, when Julie and I opened an account at a new bank, I chose a picture of an elk to go on my Visa card. I figured that was as close as I would come.

Chad, the guy who took me on the last elk hunt, called and said the herd was visible from the highway. I went to see them even though the weather was terrible for photography. Sure enough, there were at least 15 up on the hill. I can now officially stop complaining about the invisible elk. I hope to catch a nice sunny afternoon to snowshoe up to get some better shots, but they are apparently very shy when it comes to humans.
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