Saturday, January 08, 2011

Cheap lift tickets

Friends of ours are coming to town in a few weeks and they scored a great discount on ski lift tickets. I thought I would share their source and one other.
  • Liftopia - you can get good deals on both the Canyons and Park City Mountain Resort. For PCMR, it seems to change by day of the week, but you can get a 3-day pass as cheap as $147. Compare that to the $90 per day you pay at the mountain.
  • Costco - they sell 5-packs of lift tickets for PCMR for about $53 per ticket. These are bad because they only come in 5's. They are good because you can use them any way you want: five people one day, one person five days, without any concerns about some number of days in a row.
Takes a little planning, but can save you a few hundred dollars on your vacation. Want to ski Deer Valley? Then you pay list price. If you need a discount, you obviously aren't DV material.

By the way, as you drive to Park City from the airport, you go right past a Costco.
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