Monday, January 17, 2011

Views of the mountains

OK, sitting around healing sucks. At least I don't have any urge to ski today. We have actually had some rain (mostly drizzle) since yesterday afternoon. Weather this year has been too weird. Record snows? Rain in mid-January? Instead of skiing, I am wandering around the house getting lots of little tasks done to some blaring Eminem. What a mouth on the boy.

A cold front is coming in and it is creating interesting lighting up on the mountains. If you look along the ridge line, you can see how much snow is getting blown around. 65 mph gusts do not a ski day make. Half of the lifts are PCMR are currently on wind hold.

Jupiter Peak is always pretty.

In November they opened a new hotel at Empire Pass in Deer Valley. The Montage is part of a three hotel chain (also Laguna Beach and Beverly Hills). It was built to be a 5-star hotel and everything there is just over the top. I thought the St Regis that opened last year was nice. The Montage is a huge building, but it is so far up a canyon that you really can't see it from anywhere. Unless of course, you live at our house. I think we have the clearest view in all of Park City.

This is a picture I took the other day when we were skiing at Deer Valley. With a top-down view you can see how big the complex really is.

Julie's DV job normally has her working at Snow Park, the main facility at the base of the mountain. For the next few days, she is working at the Montage, filling in for someone. Perhaps she will get to see some early stars visiting for Sundance. A room with a pair of queen beds starts at $700 and goes on up, depending on dates, so you probably need to be somebody to stay there.

By big project for the day is getting groceries. Did I mention that healing sucks?
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